There are lots of reasons why you may be sleeping less or experiencing reduced quality sleep, maybe you are having problems in your relationship or with work, maybe the Christmas credit card bill has dropped unwelcomely on your doormat, whatever the reason, good quality sleep is a basic human need.

better sleep

Good sleep hygiene helps us to perform to the best of our ability, both personally and professionally. So if we want to do well in our relationships and careers, we need to pay attention to our sleep quality.

There is a whole system which counsellors and life coach’s use to help people with sleep issues, however there are some basics:

Here are 3 top tips for a better sleep:

  • Try to clear your mind before its time for bed, you can use guided imagery exercises to feel immediate calmness and a clear mind. For longer term benefits try Thought Filing, this excellent therapeutic tool will help clear your mind of the hundreds of thoughts we generate daily and help you manage them to free up emotional energy.
  • Make sure you don’t read anything or watch anything which is going to over stimulate your mind immediately before you go to bed, try giving yourself an hour of calm before attempting to sleep.
  • Make sure the environment is suitable for quality sleep. Have your bedroom comfortable, uncluttered and at the right temperature so that you feel relaxed. Try to create a calm environment. Be confident in your alarm clock, has it ever let you down, if not, do you really need to worry about waking up on time?

These are just 3 top tips for a better sleep, there are lots more. If you have serious sleep issues and would like to talk to me in depth, please done hesitate to contact me for more information on how working with me can help.

Paul Parkin – online counsellor and life coach