I try so hard
Every day still feels like a battle
It’s the little things that I find hard to cope with
The little things that cause the rattle
And then I know I am losing the battle

It’s a battle against myself, other people and life
It has caused my so much strife
My negative emotions run riot
They seem to win
I know it’s a sin

It’s the battle you see
The battle I fight every day and night
I try to win but mostly I don’t
The thoughts still win
When they cause a din

I will continue the fight
Because I know I have you to teach me
You show me how to do it right
I know that you will pull me up when I need to be

I will try so hard to continue the fight
I am not alone now
This helps my desire to run and give in
I don’t know about the war
But I know the battle can be won

28 April 2019