Below you will see some other agencies and organisations which I feel may be of help to the general public.

The links on this page are quality services and are here because they may compliment your work, however I cannot accept responsibility for the services or any liability.

Counselling & Therapy

The Online Counselling Service – 24 Hour Online and Telephone Therapy
Therapeutic support is provided via secure Email, Instant Chat, VoIP and Telephone. Access The Online Counselling Service 7 days a week from work, abroad or the comfort of your own home.

Iboga spiritual centre in The Netherlands with many years of experience in healing people with addictions and depressions, anxiety and other life-issues.

Gender & Crossdressing

Laura’s Playground
A Transsexual Transgender and Crossdressers Support Site.

Gender Reassignment The Reed Centre
Gender Reassignment The Reed Centre.