Love is Love

As I write this, I am the recently outed wife of a crossdressing husband by that I mean I accidentally outed him, and in doing so outed myself, during a pretty mundane Saturday at home. Our online shop was about to arrive, and as I am unable to pick up bags of any weight larger than a bag of sugar, I popped to let him know. As I approached him from behind, I caught sight of images... read more

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Thoughts from the wife of a Cross Dresser

‘You Know What’s Funny, even though I have been married for 40 years, I don’t know. I don’t know my partner, my husband, my man. I thought I did. I thought that was something done. But no. Even now, I wake up wondering. Not if he is here, but which one is here, which version of him. The one meant to be seen or the private one even I was never meant to be around... read more

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Cross Dressing – The facts

Often described as the last taboo, cross-dressing is massively misunderstood by society at large. With many people believing that cross dressers are weird or strange, it makes the issue difficult to understand and come to terms with for people who have a compulsion to dress. Whilst we’re living in a time where minorities feel safer than ever and acceptance is widely experienced by almost every group, cross dressers have not, for the most part, benefited from greater understanding or acceptance... read more

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I know that you will pull me up

I try so hard Every day still feels like a battle It’s the little things that I find hard to cope with The little things that cause the rattle And then I know I am losing the battle It’s a battle against myself, other people and life It has caused my so much strife My negative emotions run riot They [...]

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