Hello, I’m Paul Parkin.

I’m a professional, trained therapist, counsellor and life coach. I’m based in the UK, but have clients around the world. I’m 59 years old and have a son aged 33. I enjoy walking, swimming, SCUBA diving and nature. I follow my local childhood football team Sunderland.

My passion and calling: Counselling and coaching is much more than a job to me. I’m passionate about helping others and working in a way which offers my clients the bespoke support they require to become the best version of themselves.

My Qualification: I qualified as a counsellor in 2002 and have been working online since 2007. I’ve developed my skills over 22 years and helped thousands of people to their happy place. You can see my qualification by clicking here.

My work Ethos: I work part time and I manage my work so that I remain focussed and passionate about delivering evidence based interventions which are solution focussed. My goal is to equip clients with the therapeutic tools they need as quickly as possible.

Paul Parkin - Therapist & Life Coach.

Some of my previous roles and experience:

  • Attachment:

    • My training, working for the NSPCC and attending child development courses at Nottingham University, gave me a solid foundation in child development and attachment. The subject continues to fascinate me years later.
    • I’m a keen advocate of being able to turn around the effects of our early year’s experiences and help equip clients with the understanding and the tools to make even the most difficult of starts to life, less painful.
  • Relationships:

    • Are at the very core of the human experience. Whether intimate or friendship based, the relationships we have with other’s can make or break us.
    • My experience in human development helps me to coach people wanting to improve how they connect and manage inter-personal relationships, using therapeutic life skills and tools.
  • Addiction:

    • I have worked in Mental Health, Addiction services, (drugs, alcohol gambling, porn and other addictive behaviours) based in GP surgeries.
    • I’ve worked in community based services, drug and alcohol addiction and worked in conjunction with the 12 Step and SMART support models.
  • Men’s health:

    • I’ve worked with Men on specific issues relating to Men’s physical and psychological health.
    • I’ve helped men with ED (erectile dysfunction).
    • PE (premature ejaculation).
    • Body image issues and intimacy.
    • Offering counselling and support to men in a changing world, with many men confused about their modern day role.
  • Stress and Anxiety:

    • Are closely linked with each other and the inability to manage those, often result in depression.
    • Few people are taught how to manage their thinking, so learning how to manage our thoughts is key to creating our best existence.
    • Thoughts create feelings and our feelings drive our behaviours. Learn how to manage your self and others behaviours, with understanding of how to take control of your brain.
    • I worked for the National Health Service (NHS) and helped people whose physical ailments also affected their psychological well-being and vice versa.
  • Families and Children:

    • I’ve worked with the NSPCC working with children, educators and families.
    • I have experience of working with young people with behavioural issues. Helping them to learn to trust again and learn how to manage their hurt, pain and anger.
    • I’m also a parent.
  • Sexuality and LGBTQS+ Communities:

    • I’ve worked as a Community Development Worker and Sexual Health specialist.
    • Same sex and opposite sex relationships are key areas of the work I do now, helping couples navigate problematic areas and behaviours within relationships.
  • Men who cross-dress:

    • I was one of the first therapist’s to conduct research with men and boys who cross-dress and to support them, their partners and families with a completely confidential service.
    • I have 15 years’ experience of working with cross-dressers and their loved ones.
    • I am the most experienced therapist working in this field.

What makes me a good choice?

  • Evidence based, fast solutions: I’ve been working for myself since 2007 and have developed an integral approach, which include CBT. NLP. Humanistic Counselling and Life Coaching strategies and tools.

    These eclectic options mean that I can provide fast solution focussed and evidence based support to help my clients through crisis and to move forward with their goals at a faster pace than counselling alone.

  • Confidentiality: I work alone from home. I don’t keep notes and I’m not answerable to any governing body, this means that I can work with you completely anonymously. What we discuss together remains completely private and confidential between us.

Paul provided me with support, calming down my thoughts, and showing me different ways to face what I was thinking were difficult situations. He is a great professional, always bringing practical solutions to apply.❞

Audrey – UK.

Paul has equipped me with a useful array of therapeutic tools and strategies to help me make better choices. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul’s service to anyone needing support and practical solutions.❞

Art – USA.