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Paul Parkin - Therapist & Life Coach.


I’m Paul Parkin, a qualified face-to-face (in person) and online therapist & life coach.

Life is filled with many challenges, including: depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems, trauma and PTSD. Life transitions and huge life events such as divorce, job loss, relocation, or the loss of a loved one.

I am here to provide you with professional personalised guidance, effective strategies, and a safe space to heal and grow. Remember, you don’t have to face it alone, together, we can overcome obstacles and embrace a brighter future.

I offer, face-to-face (in person), online, voice, text and video call sessions.

“One of the world’s most affordable and effective therapy services”

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Online since 2007.

Only £40
For a 50-minute online session.

More than 20
Years of experience (specifically online).

More than 13,000
People received help and support.

Experienced and empathic therapist, you can trust with your worries.

I’m Paul Parkin, a therapist, counsellor and life coach.

I provide a ‘results focused’ online therapy combining person centered counseling and proven life coaching strategies and tools, to provide you with the skills and tools to help you live your best life and help you through your life challenges.

My life goal is to be happy and help as many people as possible to reach their ‘full potential’ and help them to find inner peace and happiness.

My Model of Therapy

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Learn to think, feel and behave, in a way which works best for you.

With an understanding gained through training of human development and how the brain works, how our experiences and feelings are linked to how we think and behave. All our feelings are derived from our thinking, if we learn to manage how we think, we can manage how we feel and behave, fact!

Thought Management tools such as ‘Thought Filing’ and ‘Therapeutic Journal’ writing, are very effective tools, as are relaxation techniques such as ‘Breathing Exercises’, ‘Guided Imagery’ and ‘Meditation’.

I will help you explore your perceptions of yourself and others’ behaviors and help you learn to see things as they really are using tried and tested life coaching and counselling techniques combined.

Being in a safe pair hands in a therapeutic relationship, will help you to access your inner resources.

I create a trusting therapeutic working relationship with my clients, a close and trusted bond which will help you feel that you’re in the safe hands of an experienced professional, that someone is there for you throughout your struggles and your therapeutic journey.

Some of my significant attributes are:

  • Non-judgemental
  • Accepting
  • Empathic
  • Experienced
  • Confidential
  • Focused
  • Have a broad level of knowledge in the life challenges we all face.

We all have what we need to survive and fully function within us, we may just need someone to help us find these inner resources and sometimes, to ‘unlearn’ unhelpful ways of thinking.

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Combine it all with tried and tested life coaching tools that help you reach your full potential faster.

I combine humanistic counseling or person centred counseling as it is sometimes known, with practical life coaching tools, techniques and strategies to help my clients out of crisis and reach their full potential faster, because sometimes the person centred counselling model alone can be a little too slow.

Life coaching helps people with all of life’s challenges and helps us change the things we want to do differently, or better in our lives.

For those who want to live a more fruitful & happier life, I offer a Mind Strength and Conditioning for a Happier Life Course which you can find more information below.read more

Online therapy with me – the benefits.

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Online therapy offers greater anonymity, whether you use live chat, email, telephone or video call.

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Online therapy is available from your home or work, or even your car, anywhere you have access to the internet.

A piggy bank for saving.

Online therapy offers greater value for money than face to face counselling, there’s no transportation expense and it takes less of your time.

What some of my clients have said about our work together

Paul is completely non-judgemental, reassuring and understanding. I feel validated in my thoughts and feelings. I feel confident I will be able to make some positive changes in my life as a result of the support and information Paul provided.❞

Aaron. UK.
August 2023.

I found Paul very clear and I liked his no nonsense approach. We worked through a number of strategies to manage anxiety and reduce stress, each of which I’ve found helpful in different ways.❞

Dan. USA.
June 2023.

Paul is caring and compassionate. His insights and guidance have allowed me to better understand and accept myself as well as helping to mend my relationship with my wife and family.❞

Henry. USA.
April 2023.

Paul has given me the courage to face my deep-rooted dysfunctional ways of relating to the world and people. He offered me hope of changing these patterns. I have resolved some major problems already.❞

Helen. UK.
March 2023.

Frequently asked questions

For many people online counselling and life coaching is an ideal way of seeking confidential, professional, counselling help and support. You won’t have to travel to work with a professional counsellor, you can respond in your own time and you don’t need to let others know that you are seeking counselling or therapy. No one will ever see you entering a counselling room, so there is a higher level of confidentiality.

It may seem strange at first not to talk to a counsellor face to face, however that can be one of online counselling’s greatest attractions too. You can be as anonymous as you want to be and access an online counsellor or life coach from the convenience of your own home or workplace, in fact anywhere you have an internet connection, many people are now accessing online counselling via public libraries and even from their smartphones.

The other important consideration of online counselling is that Counsellors Online now offers the most affordable counselling online available anywhere.

These are all very good reasons to choose online counselling.

Sometimes online counselling and life coaching clients can be helped to see a way forward quite quickly, most people will see or feel a difference after the first session, often they describe being filled with hope. The experienced counsellor will want to help you in as shorter time as possible, whilst allowing you time and space to go at the pace that seems appropriate for you.

From time to time I will ask you how you are finding the online counselling process ao we are working in the right way and at the correct pace for you.

I am trained to help you focus on your most urgent issues, whilst having the flexibility to work on and explore what life is throwing at you in the present time.

You only book one online counselling session at a time, this way you are in complete control of the number of online counselling sessions, the frequency and of the pace at which you work with me.

Big or small, if it is a problem for you then it can be helpful to talk about it with a qualified online counsellor in total confidence. We can work together to stop a crisis happening by addressing the small problems before they become a big issue.

Preventing a crisis is always easier than dealing with it when you are in the middle of it. Talking always helps and a problem shared with a counsellor, is most often a problem solved.

I am a qualified and hold a Diploma in Counselling (DipCoun Degree level), which means you can be certain that I am a professionally trained counsellor. I qualified in 2002 and have worked since 2001 as a counsellor continuously. I have a proven track record in both face to face and online counselling.

I work to the important BACP‘ code of ethics and have a current advanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) disclosure certificate, which means I am police checked.

I am also pleased that so many of my past clients have written and agreed to share their experiences of working with me in my testimonials page, please feel free to check out some of the comments from past counsellors online clients, I am sure that you will find their comments informative and useful.