Depression counselling reduces depression.Depression can ruin our relationships not only our own but the people who care about us too. Depression counselling and working on the underlying reasons for depression is the best way to live a happier life.

What is Depression?

Depression is the most commonly diagnosed of all the mental health issues, also closely associated with Anxiety, often both conditions go hand in hand. Depression counselling is the single most effective tool to improve mood and cognitive thoughts.

People often use phrases like “I’m depressed” to describe a temporary low mood, of feeling lost, hopeless,  low, having no energy, or how they are feeling about a particular situation in their life. Depression counselling has proved to be an effective treatment.Read More

What are the symptoms of depression?

Depression can affect different people in many different ways. Depression counselling helps people explore and address the underlying reasons for depression. Some people experience depression primarily through psychological and emotional symptoms, whilst others may experience a wide range of physical effects.

The following is a list of possible symptoms of depression:

  • Feeling in a low mood for long periods of time
  • Feeling anxious much of the time
  • Finding it hard to concentrate
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What causes depression?
There is no one cause of depression. It varies from person to person. Broadly speaking there are three main triggers for developing depression:Social factors
Losing your job, isolation, divorce, or bereavement can trigger depression in some people.Psychological factors
Chronic anxiety, relationship problems, low self esteem, childhood rejection or family background. A third trigger for depression may bePhysical factors
Infectious diseases like influenza or glandular fever; having a long-term physical health problem like multiple sclerosis; or as a side-effect of medical treatments like chemotherapy. It is also thought that some people may have a genetic predisposition towards depression.

 Depression counselling.

If you are experiencing depression, you may feel unhappy, or feel low, that everything you do is a struggle, and perhaps not worth the effort. Often people experiencing depression feel hopeless about the future and unable to see any positives in life. You may feel apathetic, feel flat and unable to participate in activities you used to enjoy.

At its worst, depression can lead to such feelings of helplessness and lack of self worth that people may give up the will to live, or begin to consider suicide. You may experience sleep problems too.

Working with an Online Counselor offers people suffering from depression a more accessible service, no need to travel or leave your home.  It is safe and secure and completely confidential, you can even remain anonymous if you prefer. Read More

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Professional and experienced Online Counsellor (Therapist) and Online Life Coach

Paul Parkin’s Depression Counselling experience.

Paul Parkin Online Counselling, Therapy and Life Coaching.

Paul Parkin Online Counselling, Therapy and Life Coaching.

I am an experienced, professional online counsellor, with over 15 years experience working as a counsellor (therapist) and life coach offering confidential, affordable counselling online  to clients anywhere in the world.

By living a simple life and working from home I have reduced my costs enabling me to reduce the session fees for clients, making counselling online more accessible to people seeking counselling online.

I have worked in the field of depression counselling and therapy for several years both face to face and online counselling. I have helped Thousands of clients who struggle with depression, focusing on the underlying life issues which contribute to depression helps clients to learn to live a life free of the debilitating depressive way of being.

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Dear online counselor,

I have been depressed since the breakup of my relationship with my boyfriend. My life feels empty and worthless, i don’t think i want my BF back but i can’t seem to find a new life without him.

I feel that I need someone around me and need to be in a relationship. Can i book a session with you to get some practical advice on how to start again?

Online depression counselling would be great as I have a busy work schedule and the convenience of online counselling would be very useful.


Hello Diane,

Thank you for your email. It sounds like you were in a relationship with your boyfriend and you now experience grief and loss, it takes time to grieve when we lose someone close, this can sometimes result in Depression.

When a long term relationship ends it can be devastating and leave us feeling lost. Your life may well feel empty, but it is certainly not worthless. I would be very pleased to help you with finding a way forward and helping you to create a more fulfilling and happier life.

It sounds like some work on your relationship with your self could be useful and have a lasting influence on your perceived need to have someone in your life. If we can help you feel more comfortable alone, then there will be less pressure on any future relationships.

Have you tried light therapy?

Best wishes Paul, online counsellor (therapist) and online life coach.

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Kind words from recent clients

“I had always had many negative thoughts that brought me down, made me feel depressed, anxious, discouraged, sad and many more negative feelings. And that made my life miserable; I avoided socializing, studying, working in a pressured environment.

But then, Paul introduced a thought management tool to me; A thought reframing tool. It helps me recognize my own negative thoughts clearly, and then I reframe them into a positive one.

With the help of this tool, I kept journaling for 3 weeks and had counselling session with Paul once/week to review my journals and make sense of them. My cognitive behavior just changed, it has changed my feelings to positive ones and then my behaviors start to change for the better.

I don’t feel like a loser and escape the reality by sleeping too much anymore. I have good attitudes toward life, and I start doing things that I once thought were impossible for me. I focus better, I have enthusiasm to learn new things and I don’t over think and I don’t avoid making mistakes anymore. I am living my life!

Thank you, Paul, for introducing this tool to me and guiding me toward a happier and brighter future.

If anyone has been feeling bad and unhappy without knowing why, you might have negative thoughts toward yourself and your life. I highly recommend Paul and his tried and tested tools to help live a better and happier life!”

T. – Thailand, 21 May 2021

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are feeling suicidal right now online counselling is not suitable – please call/visit: 

The Samaritans (UK) | Befrienders Iinternational for immediate support.

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