Humanistic, eclectic therapist and life coach with tried and tested strategies and tools to help you move forward fast.

Hi, I’m Paul Parkin, a therapist, counsellor and life coach.

I provide a ‘results focused’ online therapy combining humanistic, (person-centered) existential counselling, proven life coaching strategies and tools, to provide you with the skills and tools to help you live your best life and help you through life’s challenges.

I am here to provide you with professional personalised guidance, effective strategies, and a safe space to heal and grow. Remember, you don’t have to face it alone, together, we can overcome obstacles and embrace a brighter future.

My life goal is to be happy and help as many people as possible to reach their ‘full potential’ and help them to find inner peace and happiness.

Paul Parkin - Therapist & Life Coach.

My approaches

Person Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Existential Theories and Life Coaching strategies and tools.

Humanistic Counselling:

A good counsellor is caring, compassionate with the ability to enter into the clients’ world, whilst staying in their own professional world, with all of their skills and experience at their disposal.

It would be no use at all having someone try to help you if they broke down and collapsed emotionally at your troubles, having said that, I have often shed a tear with clients, but that’s empathy, an important part of counselling which can’t be taught.

Carl Rogers, the father and guru of person-centred counselling (a major part of the humanistic model of counselling) believes that the relationship between the client and the counsellor is key to the counselling process and to therapeutic change taking place.

I agree and work on this principle, so I will work to build a trusting relaxed, equal relationship, where your troubles and issues can be solved together. Counselling is very much a journey of togetherness.

Empathic and Humanistic Counselling.

Existential Theory:

Existentialism is centered on particular “Human Given’s” of our existence, or how we as human beings live and think, existentialism believes that:

Humans exist without any apparent cause or reason – This can sometimes result in us feeling lost, or wondering what life is all about.

Humans have freedom – With that freedom comes responsibility and a fear of it.

Humans are isolated in our feelings – There are some things we feel are difficult to share with others.

Death is inevitable – Death and Loss are very difficult issues to social beings.

Life is meaningless, or what is life all about – We all wonder what life is about at times, don’t we.

Most life challenges can be traced back to one of these five “Human Given’s”. Sometimes we can feel lost and wonder who we are, or what we are here for, the ‘meaning of life’ can be stressful to us at times.

Understanding how we humans tick and making sense of our lives is the best way to make our lives fit who we are, or who we want to be.

A girl thinking of strategies with life coaching.

Life Coaching – Strategies & Tools:

I have studied and learned how our experiences and thoughts, our learned ways of thinking affect our feelings and behaviours. All our feelings are derived from our thinking, conscious and sub-conscious, if we can learn how to manage how we think, we can manage how we feel and behave.

Thought Management tools such as ‘Thought Filing’ and ‘Therapeutic Journal’ writing are very effective tools, as are relaxation techniques such as ‘Breathing Exercises’, ‘Guided Imagery’ and ‘Meditation’.

I will help you explore your perceptions of yourself and others behaviours and help you to learn to see things as they really are using tried and tested life coaching and counselling techniques combined.

More than anything else though, I create a trusting therapeutic relationship with my clients, a close and trusted bond which will help you by helping you feel that you are in safe hands, that someone is there for you throughout your struggles and your therapeutic journey.

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