An Awful Time

It’s three years today since we lost you Mam, since our lives were forever marred
Another year I can’t buy, that special Mam and Dad Christmas card
There are days it still feels unreal, to speak to Dad, but not hear your voice
Its difficult to get through this time, be strong, and try our best to rejoice

I’ll treasure the childhood stories you shared, those three weeks I lay by your side
Your humour, your laugh, the wet pillow from the tears I cried
The friends and family gathered, the reading, footprints your favourite, too precious to read wrong
The struggles, the emptiness, it hasn’t been a long time, but it feels too long

Its not even my own grief that hurts the most, its Dads, his life a has the biggest void
We’ll share our memories soon, a whiskey to your memory, together buoyed
Many families struggle, it’s an awful time, it’s tough to watch your dearest die
We remember precious memories, but sometimes its too much, we need to cry

There’s a hole, but you’re not gone, you’re everywhere, the songs you played, the gift I know you’d love
The closeness hugging your pillow, baking cheese scones, the random butterflies from above
You left to join the others we love, you’re in heaven now but not forgot
When I’m sad, I remind myself, you went away, but your love did not.

For my Mam – Doreen Parkin (1943-2015)
Hugs and peace to all the families who are missing someone special

Paul Parkin – November 28th 2018