Relationship ZestHow is your relationship? Does it have the relationship zest required for a forever mutually enjoyable relationship?

Many couples find that the initial honeymoon period of their relationship is perfect, but after a while, the feelings can begin to change, at this important crossroads, if they don’t act to understand and maintain a healthy relationship, then it can mean trouble ahead.

You may already be aware that the chemicals in the brain responsible for lust and that ‘in love’ feeling have a definite shelf life (usually somewhere between 2-7 years.

After this time when the chemical levels begin to reduce, many couples feel that the relationship has lost some of its zest and may see that as a negative, it’s not, it’s just what happens chemically in our brains.

Infinite love of relationship zest.What is does mean however, is that we need to start taking more care of our relationships. It’s been said by professionals and those in successful long term relationships, that a good relationship is like gardening, there is always the need for attention and care.

Adding relationship zest is a very important ingredient of any successful relationship.

Most relationships have two main barriers to relationship bliss and that’s often our own individual issues (or baggage) unless you’re one of the 20% of people who had the right kind of parenting/attachment, and unless you’re fortunate enough to fall for someone who is also amongst that 20% then either of you could have personal issues, which may have an impact on your relationship.

Make a strong relationship.Yo may also like to read some of the articles written on the subject of relationships in my blog you will find lots of useful tips and insights into relationships and how to make them work.

If you would like some help on improving your relationship zest or some insight into creating and maintaining a good, fulfilling relationship for your partner and for you, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Paul Parkin
Online Counsellor and coach for life

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