Ray of Light through Dark Clouds

To Paul

A Ray of Light

The ray of light has pushed the clouds away
It’s broken its way through
That ray of light is you

The last few weeks I let the dark clouds in
but that didn’t stop you breaking your way through
to reach out to me
Every session you worked your way through
to bring that ray of light through to me
Every session a little bit more of the dark cloud went away

At first I was ashamed of it
ashamed that I let them come back again
Your kind loving nature once again won me over
We can do this together you say
There it is again that ray of light
That shows me its going to be alright

You won’t the negativity and depression win
You know I can do better and tell me so
I remember you are friend and not foe

As I sit here to write I know I have you to thank
for showing me its alright
alright to have a blip
What’s not ok is to let it win and dip

The dark clouds have gone
The light has shone
The darkness has gone
and next time I know I will my bravery don
and tell you when I need that light

You see I know you will help me find it
my own little light
but right now I need to thank you
Thank you for being my ray of light shining bright

Happy for this to go online if you feel you want to put it up. I thought it would be nice for you to see some of the more positive writing.

I have not long been home; Mum and I went for an early dinner. I am just about to start studying for a few hours and then I am going to do some more self care and have a nice long warm bath with a candle.

J.S. June 2019