There has been much written on the importance of feeling at one with ourselves and being in the right environment, being at one wherever. I am reminded of this as I sip my latte at my favourite Kyrenia cafe ‘Shooters’, the latte’s are great and the staff are so pleasant, they seem to be where they need to be.

At one wherever

The correlation between how we are and where we are, our ability to be at one wherever is important and yet, as I dwell on the memories of my last eight weeks in Thailand, a place I love and feel at home in, I think about that statement and consider can we feel more at home in one place as opposed to another?

Is it more to do with how we feel inside our core, personally I think its definitely both for me, a sense of self and environment combining to feel right or not.

So many factors are brought into the equation of what makes us happy, many would say its about who we have around us, but what about people who have very few people around them, can they be happy, i’d say they can, would you?

Definitely having the wrong people around us can make us unhappy and spoil our peace, so the opposite must be true to a degree right?

However, lets assume we spend a lot of time alone, we’d still want to be ‘happy’ and where we are may well be important and yet I am drawn to think the where is less important than feeling at one with self, happy in our skin as it were.

Things to consider in order to feel at one wherever:

  • Feeling we have a purpose in life
  • Learning what we need to feel fulfilled
  • Unlearning the destructive things in our lives
  • Managing our emotions and feelings
  • Managing our thoughts and reframing negative thoughts
  • Reaching our potential

Some people meander through life without ever having an idea of being at one wherever, whilst others ask the questions and seek out the answers on a daily basis, are the latter more happy, or is ignorance bliss?

My journey started during a crisis 20 years ago and resulted in much soul searching, learning and unlearning and today, although some places feel better than others, I have a peace which follows me, or does it lead me, wherever I go? Still asking questions and seeking answers every day!

If you are one of the people who ask the questions but maybe don’t have the tools to find the answers, then maybe counselling combined with life coaching strategies and tools could help you.