Inner peace and peace on earth, we all want it.

Watching the news this morning is a stark reminder of the conflict and chaos we human beings are capable of, we all want peace for the world we live in and for our communities, however, it can seem like a tall order with over 70 wars going on at this very moment.

Man contemplating beautiful view and having inner peace

Peace on earth can sometimes feel like an impossible dream, no matter how many people are working hard to achieve it, there will always be a minority of people who delight in the pain of others. Its not always about physical pain though, emotionally some people can be very destructive and try to bring us down to their unhappy place.

Our own inner peace, is something we mostly overlook, yet surely this is the most important peace of all right? The good news is we can create inner peace.

You’ve probably heard it said that we should look after our own world first, meaning ourselves, when all is well with our ‘self’ then we are in a much better position to help those close to us and in fact our wider networks and communities otherwise known as ‘our world’.

So how do we make our inner sanctum peaceful?

Well one way is to choose wisely, who we let close to us, who we seek guidance from and those whose values and integrity we trust and take on board.

Two women having a good time and inner peace.

People can effect us and our moods and how we feel. If we surround ourselves with chaotic people and negative thinkers, how can we expect to feel good. The short answer is we can’t.

It can sometimes be difficult to change who we hang out with, who we take our tea/coffee breaks with and whose personality we are exposed to on a regular basis.

We can make slow and positive changes though, we can share less with those who are a drain on our positivity, we can stay quiet and make a conscious decision not to take on other peoples baggage.

We can think of someone we look up to and try to emulate how they think and feel in certain situations, this is called mirroring in counselling speak.

Here a 5 ways to improve your own world starting today:

  • Seek out happy content people
  • Hang out with people who genuinely make you feel good
  • Don’t listen and get involved in gossip and backstabbing
  • Slowly withdraw from people who have a negative impact on your life
  • Mirror people who do things in a way you would like to emulate

If you would like help to change your world and find inner peace, feel free to drop me a line.