Writing is Therapeutic

There is something about writing, whether it be using a pen and paper . as it has been done for thousands of years, or one of the widely available array of technical tools so easily found today. The fact is that writing something is more permanent, the words cannot be lost so easily as the spoken word.

We can read something once or a thousand times, how many times have you read your favorite poem or the lyrics to the song which was around at a significant moment in your life? Maybe an old school report or your CV, the thing is the written word holds a power which the spoken word simply cannot.

Spoken words can fade and be lost, they can lose some of their strength and clarity, however how much more powerful is it written. It is no surprise that the great stories written and shared are in books, a testament to the importance of the words.

When we write, our minds may wander in a way which does not happen when we speak, writers of fiction can be much more creative writing a popular and enthralling story much more easily than if they were to simply tell a story by speaking.

The written word is therapeutic to write, it connects us to feelings and thoughts in a way which has a permanency about it, in counselling when we write, we are sharing a moment in a clear and lasting way. This can be a huge benefit to the writer, but also the person it is shared with too. How much more effective it is to re read our feelings and thoughts than it is to speak and struggle to remember what was said.

The option to engage in counselling using the written word is a major development in counselling services, email and online live chat counselling is now very popular, the ability of the client to save msn, yahoo and skype conversations is a major plus point of e-therapy. To work anonymously from home or work and to not be heard while still sharing your story is a great advantage to lots of people who can write without anyone else ever knowing that they are seeking help.