A bride and a girlMarried at 17, would I listen, do any of us at that age? Well here I was a single mum with two beautiful girls. At aged 24 and after a terrible divorce, an illness which nearly claimed my life and not knowing where my life was going, they say time is a great healer, I think time just eases the pain.

I needed to get my life back on track, there I was not wanting to spend my life being another statistic of a single mam. I had a fantastic family around me, I was determined to make something of my life for my girls. After their dad just completely walked out of their lives.

I met my partner 18 months later, 26 years later I am still with him and now happily married. Has it been easy, NO but life is what you make it! Do I have regrets, YES, but I can’t change things past. Probably one of my biggest regrets is not having a child to my husband, as he hadn’t been married before, or had any children of his own, but I can’t look back and we have a granddaughter who we love dearly and in some ways she is the child that we never had together.

I have a fabulous job getting to travel the world, my girls live right by us, their sperm donator as we refer to him, tried years later to try to get back into their lives, but it was to late, they adore their dad/father. They have my motto in life, ‘never to give up and don’t ever let anyone pull you down’

If someone loves you they wouldn’t want to make your life a misery, don’t allow this we are ourselves in control of our own lives, life is too short, grab it with both hands.

If there is one thing I have learned in my 50 years of life so far, is take each day as it comes, as tomorrow is always another day xx