Drug Problems

My son is now 33 years old and has been injecting ‘Mcat’ (methadrone) no to be confused with methadone for about a year and a half now.

He has always experimented with drugs and alcohol but this latest adventure was going to kill him if I didn’t intervene.

I live in France and decided that I should ask him to come over here and get away from the city he was in. So many dealers, and friends that took drugs, he was surrounded by a destructive culture.

Luckily he decided to come across. I picked him up from the airport, very happy to see him but slightly worried about how his stay with me might turn out:

I am really happy to report that so far so good. He has not injected for over three weeks now and has been a pleasure to have here. He has had a few sleepless nights and other minor problems and is feeling a little down at the moment but nothing we cannot sort out. I would like him to stay for as long as it takes, but how long is a piece of string!

To add to his problems he was on probation in England and had to break this to come here but as a friend of mine said breaking probation is an offence, but he needed to do this to save his life so he had no choice as such;

When he goes back to England he will hand himself in and explain to the police why he left, I only hope people will be fair with him.

He hasn’t in some ways got a lot to look forward to. He can’t get a job here because of the language barrier and when he goes back to England he will be arrested (but he knew this). Hopefully they will just extend his probation and he will find a job. The most important thing for him to do at the moment it to stay off drugs and when he gets back to his home town this is going to be a big test for him.

He is an adult now, not a child and I will always be here for him no matter what.

I will keep in touch and let you know how he progresses, just hope and pray he sees his way though all this.

Thank you for reading this.