two pc mouse with cable in heart shapeI met my man on an online dating website which my friend insisted I join, I had felt as if my life was so messed up and in crisis, that no one would want me as i came with too much baggage, how wrong I was. I met my fella, he too had a terrible time of things in the past, he too had attempted suicide and he had been placed in a mental hospital.

We helped each other, chatting over the internet, it felt like we had a lot in common with each other, we hit it off straight away and we felt like we had known each other for years. We could tell each other anything. I had never felt like that with anyone before, not even with my own family. It was just what I needed, someone who treated me good.

We met up and got on even better in person and decided because of the distance between us, it would be best for him to move in with me, he was living on his own with no ties and i did not want to move my children away from their school and their friends, this was the best option all round.

On boxing day 2011 my sister asked if my partner, myself and the children would like to come to her house for a little get together, it was also a way for my sister, her family and friends to really get to know my partner. However, once there I caught my eldest son and my sisters partner taking drugs in my sisters kitchen, horrified I told them I wasn’t happy, but they both took no notice.

My sister and her partner fueled by drink and drugs started to be nasty towards my partner who was oblivious to this, they were making fun of his accent and pulling faces behind his back, naturally this angered me but i am not one to cause a scene, so i said I was taking my youngest children home due to tiredness, my eldest daughter who was mortally drunk by now was texting a boy to meet up for sex, even though he already had a girlfriend. I wondered what was my family coming to.

I told my daughter not to throw herself at boys but this caused a row and for her to be very defensive towards me, I then left leaving my partner behind as he did not want my daughter to walk home alone, she had refused to come home with me. I could see no other option even though, I felt in the pit of my stomach there was trouble ahead. My partner reassured me he would be ok and my sister said let him stay a bit longer.

To be continued…