Taking back control.Life isn’t supposed to be easy, I really don’t know anyone with an easy life, but what can make it easier is taking back control.

This doesn’t have to mean all at once, or feel terrifying, or that you just don’t have the time or the energy to even begin the task.

Think small, maybe start with your junk drawer, your living room or kitchen bench, a small project aimed at taking back control of your life in this way can be a great catalyst for taking back control in other parts of your life too.

We often feel like we’re being dragged along by life and that we have little control over our own lives, to some extent our control is taken away from us, but more often than not, we give away our control too easily.

A controlled life can make a big difference to how we feel. The small action of making up your bed in the morning can actually start you off on the right foot, here’s why.  If you’re perfectly happy not making your bed up, that’s fine, washing your coffee cup is equally as helpful.

Referee showing yellow card.Taking control of micro elements of our lives quickly grows and once we start taking control of the little things, then we begin to become more in control of the bigger stuff, like our relationships and our well-being.

Taking control of what we eat can dramatically increase our energy and our sense of self, we will do much better in life if we have healthy body image and self esteem.

Taking control of our relationships with regular positive communication will help you to improve and maintain your relationships with your self and with others. Relationship check-ins are just one therapeutic tool which can quickly help you communicate better and take control of your wants and needs in your relationships.

Many of us have struggles with parenting, but some simple and effective boundaries and rules can make parenting a much happier experience for both your children and for you, children need love but they also need to feel that their parents are in control, (even if they say otherwise).

There are other areas of our lives where taking back control will help us to be in the driving seat of our lives and not just a passenger, things feel better when we feel in control.

If you would like to explore strategies and tools for taking back control, talk to a therapist or coach, the tools will last you a lifetime.

Paul Parkin
online therapist and coach for life