Online Counselling Advantages
Online Counselling and life coaching has been popular in the U.S. and all over the world for several years now. The recent depression and austerity measures have increased its popularity world wide, with affordable counselling high on many people’s wish list, but it isn’t only the low budget therapy which is making online counselling more appealing, so what are the real advantages of talking to a counsellor online.

  • Choosing a qualified and experienced counsellor who you feel you can connect with used to be a complex task in itself, but nowadays with the rise and popularity of affordable counselling online you can read all about your prospective counsellor in the ‘About Me’ page on most counsellor’s websites. If you find someone you like the sound of you can then read testimonials from the counsellor’s clients too, this should give you a sense of what others got from working with that specific counsellor.
  • From home or work Another important aspect of affordable counselling online is that you will not need to travel for your counselling, you can be chatting to a qualified, experienced counsellor with a few clicks on your PC or Smart Phone.
  • Confidentiality No travelling or sitting in a waiting room, needing to make excuses for where you are going is another plus. You will not run into anyone you know working with a counsellor online, nor will you need to worry about your information being seen by anyone else, I work alone and do not keep session notes or your information other than your email address, this is never seen by anyone else or shared with anyone, ever.
  • Payment is via PayPal’s secure online payment, your payment reference on your bank statement or credit card will look like this PayPal*ADMIN so there is no chance of anyone (even those closest to you) knowing that you are having counselling.
  • Fees Affordable online counselling should offer the client a reduced fee because working online makes it cheaper for the online counsellor, less overheads, for example I work from home, so I don’t have to pay rent for an office. I am happy to pass on these savings to my clients. I am able to offer a full 50 Minute online counselling session significantly lower than any other counselling service. In fact I offer the most affordable professional online counselling available anywhere.
  • Finding the words Some people can really struggle to talk about intimate or personal issues when sitting just a few feet away from another person, men are particularly cautious about sharing their feelings. Online counselling helps in both these cases, we seem to find it easier to communicate online, maybe the popularity of social media has helped us to feel safer chatting in this way. It is also helpful for the more personal issues which many people may feel too shy to discuss face to face.

So as you can see the advantages of affordable counselling online are making this rapidly growing form of therapy more and more popular.

Paul Parkin – Online Counsellor and Life Coach

‘A journey of a thousand miles, begin with a single step’

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