Each of us receive the same seven days a week with 24 hours in each day, wherever we are in the world, but how do some people seem to make better use of their time and make their lives meaningful.

The words Meaning and Purpose often go together like coffee and cookies, when a persons life has a purpose, then it often follows that it also has meaning, we can’t really have one without the other which is a good thing, get one sorted and the other comes along with it for the ride.

When we live our lives in a meaningful way, whether that is focussing on our families, relationships, careers or our hobbies, our view of what is meaningful to us is individual, it fits into what is important to our wellbeing and happiness.

Living our lives in a purposeful way, actually focussing on ‘the meaning of our lives’ means we are in tune with our authentic self, we know what our desires and needs are and we know how to achieve them.

The benefits to living a life which is meaningful, purposeful and authentic are that we will be physically and emotionally well. When we know what our lives are all about and we are doing what we want with our lives, then anxiety and depression are kept at bay.

So how can we live a meaningful and purposeful life?

  • Understand what is important to your existence
  • Prioritise your own desires and needs
  • Have the right people around you, positive and who don’t spoil your peace of mind
  • Reduce stress
  • Live a balanced healthy life
  • Take control of your own life as much as possible

Each of these can be a challenge which is why its very much a work in progress, a way of living, it will take time to get from where you are to where you want to be, but the benefits will begin as soon as you start.

If you would like support with living the life you want and need, then don’t hesitate to reach out, many people find a coach can help them change and bring meaning to their lives.

Paul Parkin