Expat counseling conveniently from anywhere in the world.We’ve all felt at some stage, that running away from the pressures of life and a new start was the answer, expat counseling can help, more and more people who have left the UK for a new start are now accessing expat support services, because they realised what we all do eventually, that our challenges and issues travel with us as baggage.

You may up sticks and move to the other side of the world, take up a new career challenge and maybe even a new relationship, or you may move with your existing partner, ‘along’ with all the relationship issues you had before the move.

Suddenly in a new environment, with new challenges and maybe less support because you’re new, in unfamiliar surroundings and experiencing a new culture, all of a sudden the reality that the move hasn’t solved all of the issues and may have even added a few more, as in this article.

Expat counseling from anywhere in the world.The numbers of people searching for expat counseling has hit record numbers over the past year, people generally search for an expat counsellor from their native country, they want to know that the therapist they choose will understand their native culture, traditions and how they may have experienced life growing up, these are important factors when choosing a therapist.

Many relationships benefit from a change of scene and a new start, but sometimes the challenges which existed before, multiply as a result of the added pressures or isolation, which can sometimes result from a significant change of circumstances.

Expat counseling can help with a range of issues, including: relationships, stress, bereavement, identity, attachment, phobias and many more, with practical life coaching strategies and tools, including tools to help with more effective communication and conflict resolution, you can make that big move work for you, instead of against you.

So if you’ve decided you could use some help from an expat counselor/therapist, finding one who specialises in expat counselling is your next challenge, if you would like to know more about me, please feel free to read, or contact me with any questions.

Paul Parkin – expat counseling
September 2018