expat counselling and therapy anywhere in the world.With the world shrinking and more and more people relocating to far flung places, people seeking expat counselling, support, and therapeutic guidance can find themselves in unfamiliar parts of the world, with people who don’t understand them or their culture.

Where we came from and how we grew up is massively important to understanding why we Think, Feel and Behave as we do. That comes from our Attachments with our parents, but also from our geographical and cultural background. As an expat we sometimes have the issues we moved with, in addition to the new added pressures of being in unfamiliar surroundings, with people we don’t know how to connect with, expat counselling can help.

We may want to live somewhere else (I’ve lived in Cyprus for a number of years now and spent 3 years living in South East Asia, I travel frequently for pleasure and to work with clients wherever they are) but we still want/need to be understood, to have our heritage and culture understood.

This has never been more important than when choosing a counsellor/therapist. If your counsellor is unable to identify with your culture and the way things are or were, then it will be difficult to connect at the level required for a successful therapeutic relationship. A UK trained and qualified expat counsellor/therapist can better understand just where you’re coming from.

Expat counselling from anywhere in the world.Online therapy and online counselling has indeed shrunk the world, my clients are from every continent and country, the thing they all have in common is, they want to connect with someone who has the skills and the insights to help, and they want to do that online.

You can read more about me,  more information re how I work and what some of my clients have written about the online counselling I provide. You will get some insight into how it has helped them to feel understood, wherever they are in the world.

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