Brexit anxiety, depression and stress

Often our finances are not the first item many of us look for in news headlines, unless you happen to work in the financial sector, however as the world economy and Brexit worries spread across the UK confidence has fallen, creating a state of anxiety, depression and stress across a nation.

The effects on millions of people are easy to see and hear as people worry about the effects of the forthcoming changes.

The effects on mental health has seen a big increase in people seeking counselling and therapy for mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and stress since the vote to leave the EU.

Money and the lack of it, combined with a loss of job security does little to make us feel in control of our own lives. When we lose what little control we did have, it can trigger a negative state of mental health.

Worrying about how to cope without job security or a salary can push people who have never suffered from anxiety, depression and stress to feel alone and scared of what is or may happen to them.

Man with anxiety.

These feelings are difficult to understand and to learn to live with, which has in turn seen many new referrals to counsellors, therapists and life coaches to help individuals and companies come to terms with the current uncertainty.

With no immediate sign of what it will all mean, it is important to look after our own mental health and to deal with negative feelings in order to be in the best shape possible.

In terms of mental health it is much easier to learn how to cope with day to day life with the help of a counsellor or life coach, than to be facing an emotional or financial crisis alone.

These times require extraordinary levels of resolve and resilience, you already have what you need to reduce stress within you as a human being, so why not work with a professional to untap your own inner resources and get through this.