A woman in despairMy head spinning, i went to hospital with my partner and my daughter, they went in a separate ambulances. My daughter couldn’t remember much but said she had been told that my partner had pushed her over and hit her splitting her head open, she believed this was the case, the next day her memory started to come back and she sobered up.

Now she remembered hitting her head off the car which confirmed my partners story, she also said she could not remember my partner pushing her, only that she fell. She told the police this and my partner was not arrested as it was an accident because of too much to drink. My sister also confirmed her mop bucket had moved there was blood on her car where my daughter had hit her head.

My eldest son was arrested and sent to jail for 4 months for grievous bodily harm, this maddened my family and again they all turned against me, my partner and my eldest daughter too, because I wouldn’t say it was my partner. To this day we still don’t speak. However, I have a good relationship with my eldest daughter now and we have each other, my youngest children are a lot happier living with my partner and I, he stood by me and my children. My eldest son no longer has contact with me, I still send him birthday cards and Christmas cards with money.

In the month of April 2012 it all got too much for me, in despair, I had a breakdown and again attempted suicide by trying to hang myself from the bedroom ceiling light cable whilst my children were at school. I had sent my partner to the shops, but he had forgotten something and came back in time to find me crumpled up on the floor, the light fitting had snapped.

It was then that I was referred to MIND counselling and believe me without this counselling I would never had coped, it helped me realise that my children needed me, as well as my partner.