Extend Your Weekend

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Would you like to extend your weekend, make it feel longer than just two days, well you can. By reducing the pressure on your weekends and de-stressing the other days of your working week. Most people look forward to their weekends, some wish their week away and because of this feel they get very little from their working week. Working [...]

SAD and Depression

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SAD, or Seasonal affective disorder is a recognisable mood disorder, generally effecting people who have more stable mental health throughout most of the year, but exhibit depressive symptoms at a particular time each year, most commonly in the winter. There are a lot of common sense reasons why a lot of people have the blues around this time of year, all the [...]

Brexit anxiety, depression and stress

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Brexit anxiety, depression and stress Often our finances are not the first item many of us look for in news headlines, unless you happen to work in the financial sector, however as the world economy and Brexit worries spread across the UK confidence has fallen, creating a state of anxiety, depression and stress across a nation. The effects on millions [...]

Is stress really a killer?

By |2023-06-16T22:34:17+01:00November 30, 2016|Counsellors Online Blog|

Is stress really a killer? The campaign which described stress as 'the silent killer', for me missed an important point. It rightly talked about the affects of stress on the heart, how it can kill as a result of heart disease and on our cognitive ability, but did it address the affects on our spirit and our resolve? Prolonged stress [...]

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Married Life – Breaking My Silence

By |2023-06-16T22:38:06+01:00February 26, 2013|Real People - Real Stories|

In the following week I had  to think very carefully of what I was going to say to my husband and I chose my moment. The stress was unbelievable and I couldn't sleep thinking of it, I felt physically sick every time I laid eyes on him. My eldest daughter was doing her best to concentrate on her A levels [...]

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