Stress management.

Is stress really a killer?

The campaign which described stress as ‘the silent killer’, for me missed an important point.

It rightly talked about the affects of stress on the heart, how it can kill as a result of heart disease and on our cognitive ability, but did it address the affects on our spirit and our resolve?

Prolonged stress affects the emotional as much as the physical being, maybe even more. When we are under constant and prolonged stress in our lives, it eats away at our ability to function at our best, sometimes it can stop us from functioning at all.

So what can we do to reduce stress and feel better?

  • Pause, step back, look at it from a different perspective.
  • Take some time to do something relaxing, something you can enjoy.
  • Talk to someone who can be objective and offer you an ear or some reassurance.
  • Focus more on what you can do well and not the things which feel difficult.

Following the steps above will help to rationalise the issues and help you see things more clearly.

I hope you find this useful. Read more on stress