Grieving Jam and Bread

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Even jam and bread can trigger our grieving for a loved one. If like me you're grieving right now and you're a member of a Facebook nostalgia groups, often from where we grew up, you know the type, they post images and memories from our childhood haunts, often a lot of laughs and often real silly stuff too. [...]

Child Bereavement and Loss

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Child bereavement and loss Child bereavement and loss is probably the most hurtful loss there is and most of us can't escape it. Whether our loss was a grandparent early in our lives or a parent, later in life , when we're an adult, or even if the loss is outside of these norms, the numbing, motivation sapping effects of [...]

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The Longing – I Miss you Dad

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I am a self confessed idealistic person. I conform to the norms of the society. I hold on to the ideals that have influenced me since the day I was born. I prefer to choose the right thing rather than to be practical. And so with my perception about my family. I belong to an extended family. Living together with [...]

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