Depression Questionnaire

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If like a growing number of people, you suspect that you may be depressed, my depression questionnaire will help you know for sure. Depression, anxiety or phobias – Each year in the UK alone, 1 out of 4 people are diagnosed with a mental health problem, the true number is likely to be much higher. Even when you only have [...]

I’m Depressed

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It's very difficult to say 'I'm Depressed' the stigma of mental health is still a barrier to getting the right help and support, therefore, it's difficult to know if people we love and care for are depressed. They may hide or be un-aware that they are in fact depressed and that can make it difficult to help them. (The depression [...]

Living With Depression

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Living with depression is a constant battle, a never ending draw on our inner resources, its a barrage of hard times after what may well have seemed like getting through one crisis, only to face yet another. Living with depression and how to manage it When people talk about depression, they speak mention two words more than any others, emptiness [...]

SAD and Depression

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SAD, or Seasonal affective disorder is a recognisable mood disorder, generally effecting people who have more stable mental health throughout most of the year, but exhibit depressive symptoms at a particular time each year, most commonly in the winter. There are a lot of common sense reasons why a lot of people have the blues around this time of year, all the [...]

Brexit anxiety, depression and stress

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Brexit anxiety, depression and stress Often our finances are not the first item many of us look for in news headlines, unless you happen to work in the financial sector, however as the world economy and Brexit worries spread across the UK confidence has fallen, creating a state of anxiety, depression and stress across a nation. The effects on millions [...]

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