depression questionnaire.If like a growing number of people, you suspect that you may be depressed, my depression questionnaire will help you know for sure.

Depression, anxiety or phobias – Each year in the UK alone, 1 out of 4 people are diagnosed with a mental health problem, the true number is likely to be much higher. Even when you only have a look at the statistics relevant to depression you will find that there are 3 million UK citizens diagnosed with this mental health issue, and that number is increasing.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), depression is on target to be the second-leading cause of world disability by 2020.

In jargon free language, depression is a mood disorder, characterised by persistent feelings of deep sadness, a lack of interest in things which previously stimulated and a lack of motivation, there are many more symptoms.

With mental health services under growing pressure from the increased needs of the community and the numbers of professionals woefully low, the problem is increasing and people are going without the professional interventions which can support and equip individuals with the tools and strategies to help them live a more balanced and functioning existence.

A depressed young man sitting alone.Many people who are depressed may have had other mental health issues, closely related to depression, issues such as severe phobias or anxiety, this issues if not addressed can lead to depression.

Helping and supporting people to deal with any kind of mental health issue is the best way to stop the issues piling up and turning into depression.

There are lots of ways to identify if you are in danger of becoming depressed, or whether you are actually already suffering from depression. You should talk to someone, this is really important. You should see a GP or doctor. If you want a little more insight before taking those steps, you could complete my depression questionnaire, you will have the result in seconds and its totally free and anonymous.

If the response to the questions suggests that you may be depressed, then help is now available online, many online therapists have the skills that will help and support you and help you to learn new ways to manage and beat depression.

Paul Parkin – online counsellor/therapist
June 2018