candle light A lit up candle light for a grief moment.

I want to share my grief in the hope that I can finally get some closure and find a peace so I do. I live in Belfast and I have struggled with the loss of my son almost 25 years ago, in what was described as a sectarian killing, I don’t accept that cause as my son had no involvement in any group, to my mind it was a case of wrong place wrong time. I have never said that publicly before, so thanks for giving me this chance, just writing that helps more than I can describe.

Grief and bereft for all those years has made me bitter and affected my relationships with my husband and my living son, I am ashamed to say that part of me died too when I lost my son, but my surviving son and husband are also grieving as men do, I have robbed them of the chance to do that with my support. I want that to change from the moment this goes out there for them to see, it will be different, I hope its not too late.

My love for my dead son has not died, nor will it ever, but I am pretty sure he would want me to share my love for him among the living so that’s what I will do today, from this moment.

I just want to say that Belfast took my son from me but it gave me so much too, loyal friends and so many beautiful souls, I would like now to find my very own personal peace and it starts right now.

R.I.P. Robbie – time to move forward, never forgotten, your Ma xx