How to Forgive

It’s almost impossible to get through any period of time without being hurt by someones words or actions, let alone get through our lives.

Forgiveness is good for your heart. Learn how to forgive today.

Forgiveness is good for your heart. Learn how to forgive today.

So with so many instances of hurt directed at us inadvertently or purposefully, why is it important to learn how to forgive and move on?

Holding onto hurt and the bitterness and sometimes misguided hate we direct towards the people who have hurt us, or continue to hurt us is that actually it rarely effects them, but it does effect us!

Allowing hurt and hate to fill our hearts upsets our sense of peace, it hurts us not the perpetrator, they go as as they are and are oblivious to the hurt they cause.

So if you want peace in your heart and a clear, uncluttered mind, learn how to forgive and move on, karma will be your redeemer.

There’s no chance of it going unsettled, karma works and the natural law of ‘we get back what we put out into the world’ is the only law that really matters, so learn how to forgive and set yourself free.

So remind yourself before you speak and before you do anything, is it the right thing to be saying/doing and is it something you would welcome back at you?

Forgiving is not the same as forgetting, we should not forget the wrong done to us, it will help us make wiser decisions on who to trust and who to allow into our lives, but forgiving will set us free from the anxiety which can eat away at our soul.

If you have an issue with someone, write it down, write as if you were speaking to the person, but don’t send it to them, work on it yourself or with a therapist and get to a point where the hurt has gone and you are living your life free of bitterness and grudges.

For more on how to use writing as therapy and set yourself free from anxiety, feel free to contact me.

Paul Parkin – online counsellor and life coach