Counselling from a mobile device.Counselling, therapy and life coaching has seen a dramatic rise in popularity, especially counselling from a mobile device, with people under previously unheard of time pressures, busy lives mean most people want to do their business on the move and that goes for online personal therapy too, if it’s available.

The good news is with many therapists now offering professional humanistic online counselling via mobile devices, TypeChat, Email, Voice and Video sessions are now more popular than ever. Clients can now access online counselling from pretty much anywhere, with online counselling now just a click away. 

Apart from the obvious time saving factors, in not having to travel to appointments, convenience is equalled by value for money, with online therapists working from home, they’re able to pass on the reduction in overheads to their clients making counselling from a mobile device great value for money.

This all makes online counselling easily accessible. Counselling from a mobile device is now the number one way clients access online therapy. This article explores why online therapy is a good option.

The very best counselling services now offer a full range of support from mobile responsive platforms which give you easy access to your chosen therapist or counsellor. Click for more information on how online counselling works.

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With over 12 years experience of online counseling, I have a wealth of experience in many of the life challenges which affect my clients.

Counselling should be more than a job, for me its a calling, something I do because I love the feeling of helping people through their crisis, helping someone to reach their full potential, whether that’s beating Depression or Anxiety or helping people revive the spark in their relationship, or sometimes to support them leaving an unhappy relationship, whatever clients need, I get a lot from helping.

Paul Parkin – online counsellor/therapist