3 ways to spot a lie‘ will help you to spot a lie and work out if someone is genuine or trying to deceive you, its a gift we all need to develop to have a peace filled future.

spot a lie.

Being able to spot a lie will save us un-told misery, whether its in love, parenting or in our work lives, in fact in any situation it will be an advantage to know if we’re being told the truth.

Liars can devalue friendships and relationships to the point where we can no longer trust in them, if we can learn to spot a lie, we will make our lives less complex and miserable.

So here are 3 ways to spot a lie:

Observe the persons mouth and eyes

Mouths and eyes are a very easy way to indicate whether someone is lying to us.
Someone lying will often cover their mouth or their eyes, they may even close their eyes or look away, avoid eye contact and not be able to look directly at you.

Over-Stating their honesty

Honest people don’t tend to to use phrases such as: ‘I swear to God’, ‘On my dead mothers grave’, or ‘I am telling the truth’, honest people over time have usually learned that their word will be trusted without the need for such phrases.
Phrases such as ‘to be perfectly honest with you’ often means they are not being totally honest with you, a liar will always feel the need to try to prove their honesty in a way that an honest person does not.

Listen to how they speak, is it different to their usual way

When people lie we can usually hear it in their voice. They often sound different, speaking in a different tone, faster or slower, maybe choosing their words more carefully in an un-natural way.
Someone who is lying may share very elaborate or specific information to convince you of their honesty.

Being lied to is never nice, it breaks trust and makes us insecure, it may make us question the whole situation whether it be a relationship, a child or in the work place, spotting a lie is the first step to getting back control of our lives and making decisions in our best interest.

If you would like to more about how to learn more of the skills to find out what’s really going on, feel free to drop me a line at online.counsellors@gmail.com