Candles burning

Candles come in all shapes and sizes, short and fat, long and slim, plain and bright, scented and unscented, tea lights and even candles in the shape of well known architectural structures.

With some their presence is sensed before you even see them, some flicker, whilst others burn bright, they can transform the darkness to light and add a peaceful quality to everyday life.

They can be used to shed light ahead of us and to make the darkness disappear, candles and some people shine light even in the darkest of places and times.

Just as we may light a candle, we can also light up another persons life, just like people, each candle is unique, no Two candles or Two people will be the same way, both will burn only once in this world.

It does not matter for how long we burn, only the light we throw out should be measured, as with candles and people, longevity of life is beyond our control, what is important is the light we produce, the guiding influence we shine out should be measured by one thing only, the number of lives we can light up.

In the Crimean war a well known carer became known and associated with a candle lit lamp, though I would say that Florence Nightingale (1820 – 1910) Considered the founder of the nursing profession, and affectionately known as the lady of the lamp.

Florence lit up the world of her patients as much with her personality as with the candle she carried, her epic journeys of what must have been a dark place and time shows just what can be achieved when one makes a decision to walk straight through adversity and out the other side, with nothing more than a faith and a shining light we can do incredible things in life, for ourselves and for others.

So, as we can see the likening of passionate people, who care for others beyond what is accepted as a normal existence, can be portrayed by the humble candle, a plain and simple piece of wax and wick which turns night into day and darkness into light.

Such a change cannot be exaggerated nor can it be underestimated, the need for candles is as important today, even with all the technology.

The need for people who can light up our darkness is even more essential in these difficult times in which we live.

Burn bright, burn true and burn until your last, someone somewhere is depending on your light!