Love LanguageHow we express love or The Language of Love in our relationships and how we communicate love can actually make or break a partnership, its the difference between relationship bliss and a relationship miss.

Have you thought about the language of love, well psychologists might just have saved us a lot of work by highlighting 6 ways we can effectively demonstrate love and improve our relationships.

Later in this post I will highlight one area and offer advice on how to make an instant improvement in Love Communication.

Love Speak

  • Physical touch
  • Quality time
  • Words of affirmation
  • Acts of service
  • Gifts
  • Communication

These ingredients which make up how we demonstrate our love for one another comes under the umbrella of ‘Relationship Communication’ and its vital to a harmonious partnership.

As an Online Counsellor I help lots of clients improve the way they communicate within their relationships, for me communication is the most important aspect of The Language of Love.
I have devised a model for improving the way we manage and improve relationships using active listening techniques.

Relationship Check-Ins are a great way to check out how things are going regularly, based on the model of listening to each others needs and wants and then taking time to consider what you might be able to differently, rather than an immediate ‘Ill change’ comment which never actually happens.

Taking time to reflect on what your partner is finding works well and hearing what’s not going so well enables you to react in a positive way after giving thought to what you can do to make it better for you both.

Read more about relationships at my webpage on relationships, this is the most common reason people contact a Counsellor, Therapist or Life Coach. Most relationships will benefit from using one simple therapeutic tool once or twice a week.

Relationship and Marriage Counselling

If you still feel you would like to improve how you connect with your partner, then feel free to contact me about how Relationship Check-Ins can help make your relationship feel good again.

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