Relationship Zest

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How is your relationship? Does it have the relationship zest required for a forever mutually enjoyable relationship? Many couples find that the initial honeymoon period of their relationship is perfect, but after a while, the feelings can begin to change, at this important crossroads, if they don't act to understand and maintain a healthy relationship, then it can mean trouble [...]

Dating Wants Versus Dating Needs

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More and more people are searching Google for 'dating coach' and 'marriage counselling near me'. In NYC and in London the number of people searching for 'relationship coach' and seeking relationship advice has hit record numbers, the story is the same globally. Not finding the man or woman of our dreams, can make us feel like a failure, it can [...]

Do you find it difficult to commit?

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Looking at it from a distance, your chosen partner may well fit all your criteria, they may well be honest, pleasant, attractive, loving, authentic and so into you that you would be a fool to let him/her go. They totally get you and you are so in tune with one another but there is something not quite right. Has this [...]

Attachment – online counselling

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Attachment Whether you find it difficult to love your 'self', or find it difficult to open your heart to others, the reasons may be similar - 'attachment', online counselling will help you to change how you see yourself and how others perceive you. When John Bowl by did his research which eventually became 'Attachment Theory' he linked the early relationships [...]

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The Chemistry of Relationships

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In my 12 years of counselling, the last 8 years online, the issue which seems to cause people the most emotional hurt is a relationship in crisis, the ending of a relationship or a relationship which has lost its fizz. I actually have a client at the moment who feels the relationship is over because that initial buzz has gone. [...]

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