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Whether you find it difficult to love your ‘self’, or find it difficult to open your heart to others, the reasons may be similar – ‘attachment‘, online counselling will help you to change how you see yourself and how others perceive you. When John Bowl by did his research which eventually became ‘Attachment Theory’ he linked the early relationships we had with our main caregiver, (often our parents) to how we connect with people as adults.

How does attachment impact on our lives?

There is now a well accepted mountain of research which backs up and adds to that original research suggesting that if we are part of the 80% of the UK population who are described as not having what is accepted as the ‘right’ parenting conditions in our formative years, then chances are we may find making and nurturing adult relationships a challenge. By the way this research is mirrored throughout the western world, not only the UK.

So, if we have problems with jealousy, maybe we don’t like our partner having friends or anyone else around them, we may find it difficult to accept our partner having anyone else’s attention, even their own family.

We may have low self esteem, struggle with who we are, how we look or how we function in the world, low self esteem or problems with our self worth can severely impact on how we accept ourselves and what we accept in our relationships with friends and especially in our intimate relationships.

Many clients contact me through my facebook fanpage and direct through my online counselling website to ask me for help with the impact of their early attachments, the first steps in helping someone to reverse those damaging self beliefs and destructive behaviours is to help clients understand that often the parents who may not have met our emotional needs, in most cases simply did not have the capacity to parent, it does not mean they didn’t love us.

Exploring this is the first part of the journey to a better existence and an easier life where we can love ourselves and allow others to love us.

If you have a relationship which seems a constant battle of in fighting with yourself, a struggle to feel loved, or it just never feels like he/she loves you ‘enough’ then online counselling can help you to learn to love and feel loved, truly, the way it should feel.

If you would like to talk to me and ask for more information about attachment before deciding whether to work with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me, online counselling is the most effective way of dealing with attachment problems.

I look forward to working with you for a happier future.

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