Expat Counseling

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We've all felt at some stage, that running away from the pressures of life and a new start was the answer, expat counseling can help, more and more people who have left the UK for a new start are now accessing expat support services, because they realised what we all do eventually, that our challenges and issues travel with us [...]

Love Choices

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How much control do we have over our love choices. We don't usually set out to choose an un-loving partner, but what research on attachment shows is that when we experienced an avoidant/insecure attachment style of parenting, we are more likely make less than ideal love choices. We're often subconsciously drawn to similar partners in terms of how loved they [...]

How To Meet Your Match

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I wrote 'how to meet your match' as a result of the many clients I work with, telling me how much anxiety and disappointment they experience, playing the dating game. Relationship coaches like myself are in agreement that dating seems to be getting harder, and there's one main reason for that, not really knowing the person. You may be heading off [...]

Dating a Narcissist?

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Most of the people who contact me for relationship advice, do so because they want to avoid dating a narcissist. Some are already in a relationship and share their relationship problems, some are incredibly unhappy, most that are so unhappy, turn out to be dating a narcissist, married to a narcissist, or hanging out with one. Dating a narcissist can [...]

The Language of Love

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How we express love or The Language of Love in our relationships and how we communicate love can actually make or break a partnership, its the difference between relationship bliss and a relationship miss. Have you thought about the language of love, well psychologists might just have saved us a lot of work by highlighting 6 ways we can effectively demonstrate [...]

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Communication – The Challenge For Humanity

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If like me, you are interested in humanity and how we interact and connect, then you may as I do look at the natural world and see such sights as dolphins and whales in huge super pods, I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering how they coexist and get along for the most part in complex societies and extended families. [...]

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