Married Life – Breaking My Silence

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In the following week I had  to think very carefully of what I was going to say to my husband and I chose my moment. The stress was unbelievable and I couldn't sleep thinking of it, I felt physically sick every time I laid eyes on him. My eldest daughter was doing her best to concentrate on her A levels [...]

Married Life – Lashing Out

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In May 2010 my two children were having a dispute, which is a normal occurrence between siblings, my husband was asleep upstairs before going out to work night shift, my daughter who was 13 at the time ran upstairs to her room shouting as she went, all I heard was a scream  and him shouting. I ran upstairs and she [...]

Married Life – Emotional Abuse

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It all began around the year 2000 myself, husband & children had just moved to a new house in a new area. My husband had always had a  volatile temper and seemed to be becoming worse, I had just started a new job as both of my children were now full time at school. My job involved going into clients homes Ironing, [...]

An Unhappy Home – Family Matters

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When my family turned against me My ex was found guilty of sexually abusing my daughter and I moved out of the house into rented accommodation as the house belonged to his parents, his mother stood by him and told us all to leave. The change of environment didn't change things, the nightmare still went on. Though I was now [...]

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