Life Lessons

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Married at 17, would I listen, do any of us at that age? Well here I was a single mum with two beautiful girls. At aged 24 and after a terrible divorce, an illness which nearly claimed my life and not knowing where my life was going, they say time is a great healer, I think time just eases the [...]

Married Life – Free from the Abuse

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 Once my husband had moved out, as soon as the landlord found out, he put the house up for sale, so I was now going to have  inform the housing association about my change in circumstances, this  added more pressure to find somewhere quickly that was suitable for our needs. I also visited my solicitor and started divorce proceedings on [...]

Abortion – A Man’s Pain

By |2023-06-16T22:38:09+01:00February 23, 2013|Real People - Real Stories|

You will have heard it said but, until it happens to us we cannot fully accept it. We do not see it as it is. When we tell parts of your own life to others it doesn't feel like a privilege to have given it. When you are given a piece of another's life it feels just that, a privilege. Sometimes it [...]

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