Now, some of you who know me well, know i’m pretty down to earth
And if I say or write a thing, it surely has some worth
Well last night, I ate no cheese and hardly had a drink
But the craziest dream I ever had, has made me stop and think

Could my beloved footy team really escape the drop
Well, I couldn’t really think like that, not even on the pop
Yesterday, I tell you true, I really was afraid
Off to St James Park we went, to ply our ugly trade

Two weeks ago a new guy came in, it caused a lot of grief
Off the field his past caught up, but on it some relief
His name Paulo Di Canio, he is a strange Italian
Yesterday he ran the touchline, like a crazy untamed stallion

I don’t know if pucka pies will go, or what they will serve up
But this guy talks to me, like he wants to win a cup
OK OK I might be mad, but you see I had this dream
I’m watching the lads play the enemy, and the rest is just a scream

First the Sunderland lads, they really did look scared
Newcastle’s boys as keen as, after Europe, and how poorly they fared
I expectied quite a hammering, in their backyard yesterday
But what happened in reality, well, I have some words to say

It wasn’t that we played that good
Or even that we could
But something’s changed with this new man
The lads just ran and ran, and maybe thought ‘we can’

Well, I haven’t heard the volume drop so fast, or quell that geordie din
As when our Sessegnon struck the ball, and our first goal went in
The second, Sunderland’s Johnson was just too much to ask
I saw on TV a Newcastle fan dismayed, he even chucked his flask

Well by the time the end was nigh, and Vaughan popped in the third
It was really something else you see, no Newcastle twang was heard
Had we really gone there and had we won this fight
Yes, we had, oh Newcastle out of Europe and now this ghastly blight

It only goes to prove one thing, or maybe it proves three
That when we’re up against it, and despair is there to see
The Stats, the odds, and pundits all, are really out of touch
For when it comes to Wearside and Sunderland, we simply have too much

By Paul Parkin – April 15th 2013

Dedicated to Sunderland Association Football Club and every Sunderland fan.