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Yesterday I shared 5 ‘Relationship Rescue’ tips, today I have another 5 for you. If you can slowly integrate these 10 Great ‘Relationship Rescue’ tips into your relationship, then you will see an improvement which will make you both happier in your lives.

If you are heading for separation or divorce and you want to save your relationship or even make your break up more amicable, then these top 10 relationship rescue tips will help you no matter what you are going through.

So here are the final 5 ‘Relationship Rescue’ tips:

  • Stop Obsessing Over Negative Thoughts: Negative thinking disconnects us from our emotions of love and connection, nothing is more destructive. We have control over your emotions, and our choice of thoughts will determine whether our love is flowing or not. Catch negative thinking early and replace the negative thought with a positive thought. Choose to think only loving thoughts and make positive statements to your partner, no criticising. If you are given a negative comment, try to ignore it and if you can’t respond with how it makes you feel instead of retaliating.
  • Make a decision that you want to stay in the relationship: Tell your partner that you are committed to working through your troubles, this will help you both feel more secure. realise how important your relationship is and explore how life would be without this person in your life. Make a list and look at it with your partner, put the list where you and your partner can see it and reward each other every time you see the important things being demonstrated. Be a love observer, not a love seeker. Look out for the strengths and positives in your life and your relationship.
  • Use Honesty: Honesty builds trust, and trust can only exist where there is love. Conversely, love can only exist where there is trust. Every time you are caught in a lie, a little more trust gets chipped away. You are better off coping with the flack when you make a mistake than you are being caught in a lie. Be open about your feelings and express them with love.
  • Make Time and be kind: Be available to spend time and be present when there is a real need. Get to know your partner’s language of love and learn how to speak it. Physical touch, acts of service, giving quality time, a heartfelt gift, and words of loving affirmation can change your world and theirs too, kindness towards your partner is the foundation of love.
  • Know when to quit: You can always get back together later. Staying in an abusive relationship is destructive to you and to your partner. When things become abusive it is time to take space because repair is going to take time and professional skilled support. At times of abuse, a trial separation needs to be negotiated and put in place until safety and love can be restored and enhanced communication and conflict resolution skills can be put in place. This is a time to seek the help of a professional and experienced counsellor, and also enlist the support of your family and friends towards healing your relationship. Divide and conquer rather than separate and destroy is the best strategy. Remember that you are a loving, caring person and that you deserve the best of care and attention.

Many people in bad relationships often feel alone, not wanting to share what has been going on with their friends or family, this is where online counselling can help, totally confidential, easily accessible and affordable. In just a few sessions you could feel a lot better and be on the road to a better existence.

Don’t suffer in silence.

Written by Paul Parkin – online counsellor and life coach.

April 20th 20013