Happy 2017 Written in the Sand

At New Year we often take a look inwardly at our lives, specifically on things we would like to change, New Year resolutions are very common and most of us will state that we are going to change something we aren’t happy about.

for many of us, we use the occasion to motivate ourselves to make changes, after all there is no better time to make changes than at New Year.

So what will your 2017 New Years resolution be and what is the best way to actually make it happen?

The best way to make a New Year’s resolution actually happen is to follow these simple steps and make the resolution SMART.

Specific – Make the resolution specific, keep it focussed, if you make it too broad there is more to go wrong. There is nothing wrong in making more than one resolution but keep each one structured using the SMART method.

Measurable – Is there a way to define whether this resolution is measurable, if not how will you know if its successful, make sure that the resolution can be verified.

Achievable – Is the resolution doable, can it be achieved. Remember if its too big try breaking it down into a more specific task so that it has the best chance of success.

Realistic – Is the resolution or change realistic, for example if you never climbed before, then climbing Everest is probably not a realistic  goal, always make any resolution or goal something that you feel can be achieved.

Timely – Give your resolution a time frame, or a series of planned steps which will help you keep your goal on track. If your resolution is to lose weight, be clear about how much you want to lose, what you will do to lose it and in what time frame.

New Year resolutions become achieved goals when we make them SMART. If you would like some help in making your New Years Resolution a success, then feel free to work with me, coaching is very effective and helping people reach there full potential.

Happy New Year 2017.

Paul Parkin – Counsellor and Life Coach.