A Ray of Light

To Paul

A Ray of Light

The ray of light has pushed the clouds away
It’s broken its way through
That ray of light is you

The last few weeks I let the dark clouds in
but that didn’t stop you breaking your way through
to reach out to me
Every session you worked your way through
to bring that ray of light through […]

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I know that you will pull me up

I try so hard Every day still feels like a battle It’s the little things that I find hard to cope with The little things that cause the rattle And then I know I am losing the battle

It’s a battle against myself, other people and life
It has caused my so much strife My negative emotions […]

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An Awful Time

An Awful Time

It’s three years today since we lost you Mam, since our lives were forever marred
Another year I can’t buy, that special Mam and Dad Christmas card
There are days it still feels unreal, to speak to Dad, but not hear your voice
Its difficult to get through this time, be strong, and try our best […]

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Relationship Zest

How is your relationship? Does it have the relationship zest required for a forever mutually enjoyable relationship?

Many couples find that the initial honeymoon period of their relationship is perfect, but after a while, the feelings can begin to change, at this important crossroads, if they don’t act to understand and maintain a healthy relationship, then […]

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Extend Your Weekend

Would you like to extend your weekend, make it feel longer than just two days, well you can. By reducing the pressure on your weekends and de-stressing the other days of your working week.

Most people look forward to their weekends, some wish their week away and because of this feel they get very little from […]

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Counselling from a Mobile Device

Counselling, therapy and life coaching has seen a dramatic rise in popularity, especially counselling from a mobile device, with people under previously unheard of time pressures, busy lives mean most people want to do their business on the move and that goes for online personal therapy too, if it’s available.

The good news is with many […]

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