Counselling from a Mobile Device

By |2023-06-16T22:28:06+01:00October 2, 2018|Counsellors Online Blog|

Counselling, therapy and life coaching has seen a dramatic rise in popularity, especially counselling from a mobile device, with people under previously unheard of time pressures, busy lives mean most people want to do their business on the move and that goes for online personal therapy too, if it's available. The good news is with many therapists now offering professional [...]

Dating a Narcissist?

By |2023-06-16T22:31:39+01:00May 12, 2018|Counsellors Online Blog|

Most of the people who contact me for relationship advice, do so because they want to avoid dating a narcissist. Some are already in a relationship and share their relationship problems, some are incredibly unhappy, most that are so unhappy, turn out to be dating a narcissist, married to a narcissist, or hanging out with one. Dating a narcissist can [...]

Am I Depressed?

By |2023-06-16T22:36:03+01:00August 23, 2016|Counsellors Online Blog|

I'm Depressed! There won't be many of us who haven't had those words roll off our tongues at some stage in our lives, its a much over used statement, but what is the difference between having a crappy day and deep rooted Depression, clinical depression. Am I Depressed? The first issue is to work out if it is actually depression or [...]

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