Attachment – online counselling

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Attachment Whether you find it difficult to love your 'self', or find it difficult to open your heart to others, the reasons may be similar - 'attachment', online counselling will help you to change how you see yourself and how others perceive you. When John Bowl by did his research which eventually became 'Attachment Theory' he linked the early relationships [...]

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Ways to Say No Without It Sounding Like a ‘No’

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Better to have a reason to say no than an excuse right? So imagine you're up to your neck in work and someone adds to your load, the right thing to do would be to explain you are sinking under the current tasks, research shows however that we keep accepting more and more, until stress makes us erupt and with [...]

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Five Ways Out of a Rut

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So you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Ask your self, is it the first time or are you always feeling like this? Feeling stuck in a rut usually comes about because of complacency or a loss of interest in life, it can be as a result of everything feeling old hat and boring, or it can be as a [...]

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