Counselling from a Mobile Device

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Counselling, therapy and life coaching has seen a dramatic rise in popularity, especially counselling from a mobile device, with people under previously unheard of time pressures, busy lives mean most people want to do their business on the move and that goes for online personal therapy too, if it's available. The good news is with many therapists now offering professional [...]

Are You Living a Great Life?

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In today’s world, 'Are you living a great life' messages on social media and on reality shows often show the exploits of the rich and famous as the only way to live 'a great life' and what our lives should look like. It's nt surprising some people lose touch with what really matters. Today I want to turn the concept [...]

Human Resilience

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Human resilience can at times look like it's lost, with so many tragedies, both accidents and sometimes in malice touching our lives on what can feel like a non-stop roller coaster of hurt, we can sometimes despair at the world around us. Ugly behaviours and words are rife and many people feel that the human race has plummeted to all time [...]

Paul by Patee – introduction

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Counsellor Paul I met Paul in Phuket, Thailand when he was working there and I went there to make a tribute to the victims and families of those affected by the Tsunami on 26th December 2004. We went to the beach together, lit candles of remembrance, and we prayed for all the victims. Paul is a wonderful and caring person whose desire [...]

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‘Life – What’s it all about’

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Connecting - The Meaning of Life For me life is about connecting, with other people and other living things, in my work as an online counsellor, but also in how I choose to live my life it's all about connecting and in some cases choosing not to connect, I try to connect with everyone I can, but I have learned [...]

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