Online counselling with UK qualified counsellor Paul Parkin

Counsellor Paul

I met Paul in Phuket, Thailand when he was working there and I went there to make a tribute to the victims and families of those affected by the Tsunami on 26th December 2004. We went to the beach together, lit candles of remembrance, and we prayed for all the victims.

Paul is a wonderful and caring person whose desire is to help others, no matter who or where they are, to be authentic and live a happier life. His approach as a humanistic counsellor was something new to me when I first met him. now I’ve learned how he works, I am fascinated by its simplicity and effectiveness, so I agreed to help him redesign and maintaining his second version of his website, now its my baby.

The website is full of his own words, which demonstrates his array of understanding and experience, comprehensive and helpful articles on everyday problems which affect us all. He knows what he is doing and believes building a strong therapeutic relationship is essential for therapeutic growth to help clients get through their life challenging issues as fast as possible with the use of lots of effective counselling tools.

The most extraordinary thing about his counselling approach is his tools to fix their own problems. No matter how small the problem, if it’s bothering you, Paul is there to help you get over it and move on.

It’s my pleasure to know him as a counsellor, a co-worker and a friend.

Patee – Web Administrator