How to be a real Dad

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How to be a real Dad The relationship between Child and Dad is unique, because of this there is no rule book or one size fits all advice, but attachment has a huge part to play. We often learn our parenting skills from our own Father's, think for a moment, were you a happy child, teenager and young adult? If [...]

Attachment – online counselling

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Attachment Whether you find it difficult to love your 'self', or find it difficult to open your heart to others, the reasons may be similar - 'attachment', online counselling will help you to change how you see yourself and how others perceive you. When John Bowl by did his research which eventually became 'Attachment Theory' he linked the early relationships [...]

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Does Your Childhood Work Against You or For You?

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Our minds and how they work often has it roots in childhood, and in our early formative developmental years. If we are amongst the 20% of the UK population (this statistic is mirrored around the western world too) who had the accepted preferred model of parenting a 'secure attachment' then the likelihood that our minds work for us is quite [...]

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Parenting – 3 Great Tips

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Write this word on your hand 'Acknowledge', it’s a very effective fun way to connect with a child of any age, it will help you to reduce their tears and tantrums and even help you to prevent them. Let me tell you more, it’s a simple but surprisingly challenging thing to do, particularly in the heat the moment when we [...]

Improving Your Relationship : Parenting

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By far the most common issue I am asked to help people with is relationship problems. Most often it is either a new relationship or a long term relationship. If it's a new relationship, then often a couple may be struggling with the transition of moving from living a single life to sharing their lives with the person they want [...]

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