SAD and Depression

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SAD, or Seasonal affective disorder is a recognisable mood disorder, generally effecting people who have more stable mental health throughout most of the year, but exhibit depressive symptoms at a particular time each year, most commonly in the winter. There are a lot of common sense reasons why a lot of people have the blues around this time of year, all the [...]

At One Wherever

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There has been much written on the importance of feeling at one with ourselves and being in the right environment, being at one wherever. I am reminded of this as I sip my latte at my favourite Kyrenia cafe 'Shooters', the latte's are great and the staff are so pleasant, they seem to be where they need to be. The [...]

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Am I Depressed?

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I'm Depressed! There won't be many of us who haven't had those words roll off our tongues at some stage in our lives, its a much over used statement, but what is the difference between having a crappy day and deep rooted Depression, clinical depression. Am I Depressed? The first issue is to work out if it is actually depression or [...]

Surviving – It’s a Journey Forever

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My survival journey started the day that 'choice' was taken from me.  At the age of Fourteen I was sexually assaulted by 2 people that I thought of as “friends” from that day I have struggled to trust people. At 14 we all think we are street wise and that we can take care of ourselves.  We all make poor choices, we [...]

An Unhappy Home – Hope Rising

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In counselling I got to discuss and explore some skeletons I had kept in my cupboard for years, like how my mother has never been maternal towards me, and how I think she blames me for her marrying my father as she was pregnant with me at the time. There is a big age gap between my sister and I [...]

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